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Sep 8, 2015

Terasense offers THz imaging systems ‘to look into the matter of things’

Terasense offers THz imaging systems ‘to look into the matter of things’

This article is dedicated to Terasense Group, Inc., our good partner that is truly keen on Terahertz imaging technology. They invented their unique way to capitalize on Terahertz waves capability of seeing through the matter and penetrating optically opaque materials. Terasense now successfully provides cost-effective customer-oriented solutions for a variety of applications in science and industry.

TeraSense is a small and relatively young company of 20 talented scientists that entered international THz market in early 2012 with their first Terahertz imaging sensor array code-named TERA-256.  Since then TeraSense has turned intoa truly leading manufacturer of effective Terahertz imaging systems, which balance at the cutting edge of the most advanced high-end technologies.


Terahertz cameras and THz imaging sensor arrays made of broad-band THz detectors represent their staple product, while their product portfolio now also includes ultrafast terahertz detectors, THz sources or terahertz generators (IMPATT diodes), THz optics and other accessories related to terahertz imaging topic.

These days their line-up of THz imaging cameras counts 4 standard models ranging from TERA-256 (16x16 pixels) to their biggest TERA-4096 (64x64). In addition to their standard solutions for THz imaging systems they also make a variety of custom-tailored solutions to satisfy many other configuration and geometry requirements (e.g. TERA-8192(128x64) or their latest TERA-18432(196x92). Such flexible customer–oriented policy has a fair amount of sense, because the bigger the size of the camera, the larger the object’s image it can support, while some applications as security screening (homeland security) require king size arrays

Yet TERA-1024 (32x32) remains their invariable best-seller, which is available in both standard and linear design configurations. TERA-1024 (4x256) linear THz sensor array was specifically designed to satisfy the needs of non-destructive testing and quality control at conveyor belts in various industrial applications.

Seeking to meet the increased demand in such industry-focused solutions and cover the whole spectrum of customer’s THz needs Terasense has recently launched production of its ULTRAfast linear THz camera with a record breaking image acquisition rate of 5000 fps (5 KHz).  Such unprecedented high-speed in combination with its other merits (viz. responsivity 8000 V/W and minimal detectable power of 100 nW (at 5000 fps) opens up doors to many industrial applications associated with safe and effective NDT & quality control.

Unlike many counterparts in the T-ray sphere Terasense can boast patent-protected technology  which ‘imparts’ a number of competitive advantages to their products, non the least of which are low cost, customer-friendly design, CE Certification,  Image acquisition rate up to 50 fps adjustable via software, free customization to preferred frequency, original Terasense Viewer® software and a stand alone Software Development Kit (SDK) package, which will cover customer’s needs for LABview software, you name it.

Having established their dominance in the frequency range of 50 GHz to 0.7 THz where most common materials are transparent, Terasense is not reaping on laurels, and continues its efforts in improving their existing products and launching new ones. Such commitment to continuous improvement is highly essential in high-tech field, where competition is extremely high in our globalized world.

Terasense has recently launched production of new concept HIGH SENSITIVE detectors for their terahertz imaging cameras. At frequencies ~100GHz such high sensitive THz sensor arrays  ensure x3 times higher sensitivity level [Responsivity: ~ 150 kV/W; NEP: 0.25 nW/√Hz]  as compared to their conventional detectors currently employed in their standard THz imaging cameras lineup.


On top of that, Terasense has recently completed a small scale R&D jointly with TOPTICA Photonics GmbH (Germany), a recognized world leader in TDS (Time Domain Spectroscopy systems) and FDS (Frequency Domain Spectroscopy systems). This project was intended to test their THz sensor arrays (FPA) for their TDS and FDS systems beam profile measurement. Terasense THz cameras demonstrated excellent detecting capabilities, which surpassed expectations both by TERASENSE and TOPTICA!


Terasense now offers their THz cameras for THz-TDS and THz-FDS systems! 

Thanks to their smart pricing policy and flexible customer-centered approach TeraSense will surely achieve sustainable competitive advantage in their niche for low-cost suppliers of Terahertz imaging products and THz solutions.


We encourage you to check out their demo-videos posted at YouTube channel (, all of which  vividly demonstrate the capabilities of THz imaging cameras for various applications.

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