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Jul 8, 2016

Scitech appointed authorised Distributor for Omicron - Laserage

Scitech has been appointed the authorised distributor for Omicron-Laserage – a well established company that develops, builds and produces an innovative range of lasers, laser light engines and LED sources and light engines.

Omicron-Laserage has succeeded in positioning itself as one of the leading manufacturers for demanding applications and for customers who demand the highest quality focused spot and deepest modulation contrast ratios available.

Applications include super resolution microscopy, medicine, research, biotechnology, microscopy, fluorescence, microlithography and many more.

Omicron-Laserage produces high power diode lasers from 355 to 2500nm, DPSS lasers, high power LED products, laser light engines and compact beam combiners with high speed modulation capability. Product development and production comply with European and US guidelines.

Keeping a step ahead of current standards is an integral part of Omicron’s philosophy. The secret behind the success is the modular principle Omicron-Laserage uses for construction. Allowing easy integration of both LDM- and PhoxX® series lasers in existing and new machines, is of great advantage to customers. Adjustments are made in accordance with customer’s wishes at point in time.

Using diode and DPSS lasers, the LightHUB light engine combines up to 6 wavelengths into a single collinear free space beam or optical fibre. Omicron’s LEDs are used for higher end applications which demand modulation, wide wavelength range and high power and these are available as individual modules or a hub of up to 6 wavelengths.

The company’s latest important developments were the BrixX® compact high-performance lasers, LuxX® compact CW diode lasers, SOLE® laser light engines as well as the LightHUB® beam combiners. With these developments, Omicron-Laserage is leading the way in providing solutions in demanding applications.

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