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Sep 9, 2016

Scitech appointed authorised Distributor for Mightex Systems

Scitech has been appointed the authorised distributor for the Mightex Systems range of Advanced Light Delivery Systems, Fluorescence Microscopy Illumination systems, Optogenetics Patterned Stimulators, Microscope Light Sources, Multi-wavelength LED Sources and LED Controllers for bioscience and live animal research in Australia and New Zealand.

With Mightex illuminators, optogenetics researchers can investigate behaviours of neurons and their circuits, by precisely delivering light - of different colors and with high spatial and temporal resolutions - to stimulate/silence selected neurons. In addition, they can stimulate/silence neurons independently and/or simultaneously at different locations. Researchers can map synaptic circuitry and neurotransmitter delivering the light with millisecond temporal resolution to evoke synaptic transmission between neurons.

Mightex’s ground-breaking OASIS Implant system allows scientists to simultaneously image and optogenetically manipulate targeted neurons with sub-cellular resolution in freely behaving animals.

With the most comprehensive portfolio of LED sources in the market, Mightex offers light delivery systems:

  • covering a wide spectrum from deep UV to VIS to NIR
  • with all possible optical formats including collimated, uniform, focused, fiber-coupled, and lightguide-coupled LED's
  • ranging from single-wavelength, to multiple-wavelength, to wavelength-switchable, and to spectrum-tailorable/programmable.

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