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Sep 16, 2016

Electrophysiology Motorised Micromanipulator

The PatchStar micromanipulator from Scientifica is the perfect choice for electrophysiology studies, microinjection and other demanding applications that require delicate positioning. The PatchStar micromanipulator is motorized and can be used as a single unit, as a Double PatchStar or combined with others to make a complete micromanipulation electrophysiology workstation

With X, Y, Z and a virtual approach axis, the Patchstar micromanipulator is ultra stable and super smooth with extremely low electrical noise. It has been designed for the accurate and repeatable placement of recording and stimulating electrodes - crucial for electrophysiology experiments. It has an angle detection function for accurate sub-surface positioning of patch pipettes and can convert from right to left handed operation. Brackets and accessories are available to further customize the researcher needs.

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