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Sep 18, 2016

NEUROLUCIDA 360 for Automatic Neuron Reconstruction

Neurolucida 360 from MBF Bioscience is a groundbreaking tool in Neuroscience research for obtaining reliable data about the size, shape, and complexity of neurons from image stacks and big image data. Quickly reconstruct dendrites, axons, somas, spines and synapses in a 3D environment. Neurolucida 360 works with 3D and 2D images acquired with confocal, two-photon, and fluorescence microscopes or slide scanners. It excels at handling very large images such as whole slide images or images of tissue cleared with CLARITY, Scale, iDISCO, and more.

It can be difficult to follow a single dendrite in a neuron with significant branching, but with Neurolucida 360 you can rotate the neuron in 3D to get a better view of the dendrite and continue with the reconstruction.

  • Quickly reconstruct somas, dendrites, and axons
  • Dendritic spine detection and classification are fully automatic
  • Reconstruct neurons 15 times faster with Neurolucida 360

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