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Sep 26, 2016

High Resolution 3D Reconstructions of entire brain

Scitech is proud to introduce BrainMaker by MBF Bioscience! Used in applications in Neuroscience research, BrainMaker generates high-resolution 3D reconstructions from serial sections imaged with whole slide scanners and research microscopes.

The images are loaded into BrainMaker and it automatically detects the individual sections on each slide, and then aligns the sections to create the full 3D image reconstruction of the entire brain (or any organ). At a single glance you can see the location of all neurons expressing a particular gene, visualize axonal projections of specific neurons within the full anatomical context.

If you mount a section upside down, BrainMaker will automatically correct it during the alignment process. BrainMaker uses innovative computational algorithms to align image features found in multiple serial sections. If additional adjustments need to be made to the automatic alignment, researchers can easily edit the 3D reconstruction.

BrainMaker allows you to analyse the size and shape of neurons within the 3D reconstruction using Neurolucida 360 or analyse the number of neurons or the volume of a lesion with Stereo Investigator.Reconstructions created with BrainMaker can be stored, viewed, and shared with Biolucida – MBF’s platform for organising and sharing big image data.

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