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Oct 7, 2016

CCD Camera for Electrophysiology - Qimaging Retiga ELECTRO

The Retiga ELECTRO™ CCD Camera from QImaging is a 1.4MPixel, cooled monochrome camera with 75% peak QE designed specifically for the unique imaging challenges associated with electrophysiology research applications and fluorescence imaging.

The Retiga ELECTRO™ is equipped with a Sony ICX825 CCD image sensor, which has a 6.45 µm pixel size and features 14-bit digital output at 22 fps. Additionally, the camera features a USB 3.0 interface, 50 MHz pixel digitation for fast frame frames to place electrodes accurately; regulated, fanless cooling for 100% vibration free imaging; external grounding that eliminates electrical noise; and FPGA-based processing. The camera comes with QImaging’s Ocular image capture software, which provides navigation between live view, image acquisition, movie capture, and image analysis tasks.

The camera also comes with QImaging’s 2 year limited warranty.

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