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Dec 16, 2016

Combined Optical Tweezers and AFM System

The new OT-AFM Combi-System from JPK is the world’s first combined optical tweezers and Atomic Force Microscopy system. The unique combination of 3D positioning, detection, and manipulation provided by Optical Tweezers and the high-resolution imaging and surface property characterization of Atomic Force Microscopy opens up a whole new spectrum of applications such as cellular response, cell-cell or cell matrix interactions, immune response, infection or bacterial/virus/nanoparticle uptake processes, and more.

Based on years of leadership in the fields of atomic force microscopy and optical tweezers for applications in nanotechnology for life science, JPK have brought the technologies together on a single inverted light microscope platform. The OT-AFM Combi-System pairs the exceptional surface force measurement and imaging capabilities of AFM with the ability of optical tweezers to apply and measure smallest forces in 3D.

Key Features include imaging, positioning and manipulation experiments from single molecules to living cells. The system also measures forces in 2D and 3D from 500fN to 10nN on the same sample. Fully flexible and modular in design, the system offers the widest range of modes and accessories with comprehensive integration with optical microscopy techniques such as TIRF and confocal.

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