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3rd Party Hardware Support

Andor Motorized Stage XYZ

Andor Technology Microscopy Imaging Accessories peripherals

3rd Party Hardware Support

Automated/Motorized microscopes

Andor supports a wide range of Motorized microscopes from the world's leading suppliers:

* Leica - DMI4000-6000, DMI6000, and previous models DMRE and DMIRE
* Nikon - TE2000E, with PFS option and E1000
* Olympus - IX81, with ZDC option and BX61
* TILL Photonics - iMIC motorized, with Andor's Joystick control
* Zeiss - Axiovert 200 MOT, AxioPlan Imaging

Reconfigure your existing system or build a new system according to your budget and technical requirements.

Scientific grade CCD cameras

Cameras can be supplied for bright field, fluorescence and luminescence. Andor EMCCD, Hamamatsu, Roper Scientific, PCO, Q-Imaging.

* Andor - iXon and Luca EMCCD and Ikon.
* Hamamatsu - Orca range, C9200 range, C4880 range
* Roper Scientific - PVCam compatible cameras - PCI and Firewire
* PCO - Sensicam QE and DiCam
* Q-Imaging.- Retiga range, QICam range.
* Sony - low cost digital Firewire cameras.
* CCIR, RS170 - Video imaging standards supported.

Confocal spinning disk adapters

Yokogawa CSU 10 and 22 (Revolution systems) and Olympus DSU.

* Yokogawa CSU 10 and 22 (Revolution systems) - dual disk technology with minimal background, matched to Andor iXon EMCCD cameras.
* Olympus DSU.

Andor's solid state light source technology with AOTF or direct modulation

# Andor Laser Combiners - active AOTF blanking for minimum exposure
# NEOS - AOTF based laser modulators - e.g Prairie Tech, Nikon LUSU
# Cairn Research - LED illuminators up to 2 MHz modulation

Light sources - arc lamps with wavelength control

* Cairn Research - OptiScan fast switching, 75W, 2000 hour, Xenon monochromator source. Real time bandwidth and intensity control options.
* Cairn Research -OptoFlash - Xenon flash lamps for photolysis (uncaging) applications.
* EXFO - Xcite 120 - zero adjustment, 1500 hours, fiber-coupled, Metal halide lamp - the convenient cost-effective replacement for standard mercury illuminator.
* Prior - Lumen - 1500 hour, Metal halide, fiber coupled source with integral shutter and filter wheel for excitation control.
* Sutter Instruments - DG4/5, 4 or 5 position, filter based, 1000 hour, fiber coupled, 175W Xenon light source.
* Sutter Instruments - Lambda LS, 1000 hour, 175W, pre-aligned, fiber coupled, Xenon light source.
* TILL Photonics - Polychrome 5 the original fast switching and brightest 150W Xenon monochromator source. Near real-time bandwidth and intensity control options.
* TILL Photonics - Pantachrome 2000 hour, fiber coupled, 150W Xenon light source
* TILL Photonics - Oligochrome - Fast switching, 5 position, filter based, 2000 hour, fiber coupled, 150W Xenon light source

Filters, filter wheels, shutters and Emission Field Splitters

* Cairn Research.- Optosplit is a high performance field splitter, with superior field of view, independent X and Y aperture control and alignment and a range of magnifications. This unit projects two wavelength encoded images to either side of a CCD camera for simultaneous dual
* Ludl Electronics - the MAC5000 provides a modular platform for filter wheels and XYZ stages. All stage and filter wheel components are supportedby Andor iQ.
* Prior - ProScan and OptoScan controllers provide modular platforms for filter wheels and XYZ stages. All stage and filter wheel components are supported by Andor iQ.
* Semrock - Andor works closely with Semrock to select and specify the best fluorescence filters for our instruments.
* Sutter Instruments - the Lambda 10 series has proven the filter wheel of choice over the past decade. Andor iQ support is included for the classic 10-2 and newer L-10-C and L10-3, while the Smart shutter is a new addition to the family.
* Uniblitz - Long recognized as the electro-mechanical ""standard"" shutter, we support TTL and RS232 control of the Uniblitz 1, 2 and 4 channel controllers.
* Optical Insights -DualView and QuadView are fully supported in Andor iQ.

Motorized stages

Used with Andor iQ and the Multi-field module, we select high precision stages for performance and repeatability. Multi-field scanning ensures enhanced data throughput and multi-well plate imaging. In Mosaic mode, iQ allows frames to be stitched together (with pixel matching if required) for high resolution work on larger specimens such as embryos. Stages from leading suppliers are supported.

* ASI - modular control of XY and Z, with Piezo insert and closed loop encoded options.
* Ludl Electronics - MAC5000 modular control of XY and Z, with Piezo insert and closed loop encoded options.
* Madcity Labs - Piezo stages and OEM inserts for XY steppers. Z ranges 100, 200 and 500 um.
* Marzhauser - L-Step or Corvus controllers for open and closed loop operation.
* Physike Instrumente - PIFOC objective focus control with 100 and 400 um ranges.
* Prior - ProScan - modular control of XY and Z, with Piezo insert and closed loop encoded options.

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