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andor spectroscopy
Andor Shamrock Spectroscopy Czerny Turner

Shamrock Spectrograph Series - Czerny Turner Spectrographs

The Shamrock 163, 303i, 500i and 750 imaging spectrographs are research-grade, high performance and rugged platforms designed for working with demanding low-light applications, but equally suited to routine measurements.

These instruments can be seamlessly integrated with Andor’s world-class range of CCDs, Electron-Multiplying CCDs, Intensified CCDs, InGaAs cameras and single point detectors to offer a versatile, yet most sensitive modular solutions on the market.

Model Focal Length Aperture Resn Comms Datasheet
Shamrock 163 163 mm F/3.6 0.17 nm Manual   Download Brochure
Shamrock 193i 193 mm F/3.6 0.21 nm USB 2.0   Download Brochure
Shamrock 303i 303 mm F/4 0.10 nm USB 2.0   Download Brochure
Shamrock 500 500 mm F/6.5 0.06 nm USB 2.0   Download Brochure
Shamrock 750 750 mm F/9.8 0.04 nm USB 2.0  Download Brochure

andor spectroscopy
Andor Shamrock Spectroscopy Czerny Turner

HoloSpec F/1.8 Imaging Spectrograph


The new Andor HoloSpec is the ideal solution for collecting more light and achieving better signal-to-noise ratio faster, which is critical for applications such as micro-Raman mapping, microfluidics, real-time medical diagnosis (point-of-care analyzers) or stand-off bacteriologic agents or explosives detection.

  • High collection efficiency ultrafast F/1.8 aperture
  • On-axis imaging-corrected design
  • High throughput optical design
  • High-density multi-track capabilities
  • Compact and rugged design

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andor spectroscopy
Andor Shamrock Spectroscopy Czerny Turner

Mechelle ME5000 -  Echelle Spectrograph

Mechelle ME5000

Andor’s new Mechelle ME5000 Echelle spectrograph has been designed to provide simultaneous recording of a wide wavelength range (200-975 nm) in one acquisition. It has no moving components is available in a pre-aligned detector/spectrometer format.

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Suitable Cameras for the Spectrographs

Andor Technology - EMCCDs for Spectroscopy Applications

andor spectroscopy

Newton EMCCD and CCD Spectroscopy Detectors

Both the Andor Newton EMCCD spectroscopy detectors and Newton conventional CCD spectroscopy detector systems have been optimized for high performance spectroscopic applications. The Newton EMCCD employs Andor's pioneering electron multiplying CCD platform with exclusive sensor formats optimized for ultra-low light level spectroscopy applications.

Model Active Pixels Pixel Size Read Noise Sensor Type Spectra per s
Newton 920 1024 x 255 26 x 26 4 CCD 1612
Newton 940 2048 x 512 13.5 x 13.5 2.5 CCD 943
Newton 970 1600 x 200 16 x 16 < 1 EMCCD 1515
Newton 971 1600 x 400 16 x 16 < 1 EMCCD 1515

  Download Andor Spectroscopy Brochure

andor spectroscopy
Andor iDus

iDus Spectroscopy CCD

iDus spectroscopy CCD Camera is designed with the lowest noise to provide an ultra sensitive and high dynamic range detector for use in a wide range of both conventional and demanding spectroscopic applications. iDus offer a wide range of different format sensors to optimize the detector for your specific application.

Model Active Pixels Cooling Pixel Size Spectral Range Spectra per s
iDus 416 CCD 2000 x 256 -95 15 x 15 NIR 30
iDus 401 Series 1024 x 127 -100 26 x 26 UV / Visible / NIR 88
iDus 420 Series 1024 x 255 -100 26 x 26 UV / Visible / NIR 88
1.7µm InGaAs 1024 x 1 -90 50 x 500 NIR / SWIR 193
2.2µm InGaAs 1024 x 1 -90 50 x 250 NIR / SWIR 193

bttn_f1_pdf  Andor Spectroscopy brochure [11.3MB]

andor spectroscopy

Intensified Camera Series


Andor’s intensified camera series extract the very best from CCD and sCMOS sensor and gated image intensifier technologies, achieving a superior combination of rapid acquisitions rates and ultra-high Sensitivity down to single photon. Exceptional detection performances are accessed through high Quantum-Efficiency Image intensifiers, Thermo-Electric cooling to -40°C, 500 kHz photocathode gating rates and enhanced intensifier EBI noise reduction.

Model Active Pixels Pixel Size Frame Rate Read Noise Spectra per s
iStar 312T 512 x 512 24 x 24 15.8 5.4 291
iStar 320T 690 x 255 26 x 26 15.8 7 322
iStar 334T 1024 x 1024 13 x 13 4.2 5 145
iStar 340T 1330 x 512 13.5 x 13.5 2.5 6 135
iZyla sCMOS 2560 x 2160 6.5 x 6.5 100 1.2 N/A

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