Microscopy Cameras

Choosing the right Digital Camera for your Microscope.

There are many different types of cameras on the market, not all are suitable for microscopy.

Dedicated microscope digital cameras typically cost more for less resolution than typical consumer cameras, but they have the advantage of being directly controlled by a computer. They typically provide a better preview image, often with focusing aids, and the ability to acquire the image directly into various imaging software packages. They also have better control over exposure settings.

Even within the range of digital microscopy cameras, there are options to consider depending the type of microscopy you are doing.

There are two main types of sensors for the cameras. CMOS and CCD. CMOS cameras are typically lower in cost than CCD cameras with similarly sized sensors. However, CCD sensors perform much better in lower light situations ( eg. fluorescence ).

For high end scientific grade cameras ( EMCCD , sCMOS, InGaAs, and ICCD) click here

Quick guide:

Application / Sensor TypeCMOSCCDsCMOSEMCCDInGaAsICCD
Low-Light / Fluorescence    
High Speed        
Infrared / NIR      

There is also the size of the sensor to consider. The main ones are 1/3", 1/2", 2/3" and 1". The larger sized sensors generally cost more, but will give you better quality images since more light will fall onto the sensor. The other advantage of larger sensors, is that it will give you a bigger field of view. The sensor under 1", will typically need additional optics in the microscope coupler, in order to get a similar field of view. The additional optics are never perfect, and sometimes cause vignetting/shading around the edges.

Scitech offers a variety of cameras for digital microscopy:

High End Scientific

Scientific CamerasPCO Imaging
PCO Imaging
EMCCD / sCMOS Photometrics

Mid to High end

Dage MTI
Jenoptik ProgRes and Gryphax Microscopy Cameras ( CCD,CMOS )Jenoptik ProgRes Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOS
Lumenera Corporation Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOSLumenera Corporation Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOS
Pixelink Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOSPixelink Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOS
QImaging RetigaQImaging
Diagnostic Instruments Spot Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOSDiagnostic Instruments Spot Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOS
Spot Imaging Solutions
Ximea Scientific CameraXimea

Mid to Lower end

Exolabs Focus Camera for ipadExolabs
Mightex Microscopy camerasMightex
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