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Confocal Scanners

Andor Camera Port Adapters

Andor Technology Microscopy Imaging Accessories peripherals

Confocal Scanners

Confocal Spinning Disk Unit

* 1500-10000 rpm disk, giving 300 to more than 2000 fps frame rate
* Easy synchronization of exposure to disk speed
* Manual and motorized filter changer models available
* Optional bright field bypass module
* High performance custom Semrock dichroic mirrors; quad, triple and dual line combinations
* Custom optics fitted to camera adapters for higher throughput, chromatic aberration and background noise reduction
* 2x excitation throughtput improvement
* FWHM Z section <=1.2μm
* Semrock dichroic and emission filter pairing provides optimum SNR
* Filter wheel mounting for fluorescence and DIC analyzer
* Andor 10 position available

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