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Andor CoolLED

Andor Technology Microscopy Imaging Accessories peripherals

LED Technology for Microscopy

A cool package by Andor Technology and CoolLED

LED technology is gaining momentum in microscopy. The benefits of LED include reduced environmental impact and cost of ownership and enhanced stability, speed and spectral properties.

Thanks to a new global distribution agreement with CoolLED, the makers of the PrecisExcite™ LED sources, Andor Technology is now able to offer scientists the benefits of LED to all types of fluorescence microscopes.

Our package typically includes our high performance Luca-R camera, our best-in-class iQ software and the CoolLED PrecisExcite™ light source.

Recent studies show that live cell specimens suffer far less photo-toxicity under LED illumination, whose spectral emission is constrained compared to a conventional broadband light sources, such as Mercury or Metal Halide. In conventional light sources even high quality filtering allows some UV leakage and resultant photo-toxic effects – such as cell death or aberrant behavior. In contrast LED’s result in longer life and many cycles of cell division (see Video Clip), a useful measure of cells’ functional competence. Photo-toxicity can be reduced further by minimizing specimen exposure using fast shuttering synchronized with CCD or EMCCD cameras.

Thanks to our global reach, we can now deliver everywhere bundled solutions offering excellent value for money and the outstanding performance from all Andor Technology products:

  • Luca-R is a 1kx1k EMCCD using the virtual phase technology and represents the leading value-for-money EM solution available. 8 μm pixels and a QE around 65%, combined with USB 2.0 interface provide a cost-effective, convenient yet high sensitivity detector for low light imaging. Using the Luca-R’s “Fire” signal we “gate” the PrecisExcite LED to illuminate during the camera exposure – precisely!
  • iQ, Andor Technology’s best-in-class software provides an integration framework for acquisition, control and synchronization of our leading edge camera technologies in the iXon range. Our iQ software enables class-leading acquisition, control and synchronization between the LED source and camera.