DASYLab for Windows

The easy-to-use DASYLab software helps you solve complex data acquisition and control scenarios easily and quickly by working with flowchart directly on the screen.....
DASYLab Animation

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DASYLab requires the minimum hardware and software configuration to work without restriction:

 · IBM-PC or compatible with Intel Pentium- (III, IV), Athlon-, AMD K6- or AMD K7 CPU
 · at least 512 MB RAM required; 1 Gbyte recommended
 · Free hard drive space > 100 MB
 · Graphics Adapter: color depth 24 or 32 bit (True Color) with a resolution of at least 1024x768 pixel
  Note - dual or multiple monitor configurations are not supported
 · Mouse or Windows pointing device; some functions of DASYLab can only be handled via mouse

Operating system
 · Windows 2000, with Service Pack 4
 · Windows XP Pro, with Service Pack 2
 · Windows Vista