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Digital Stereology

MBF Bioscience Microbright field

Stereo Investigator

MBF Bioscience Microbright field

Stereo Investigator

Count cells and quantify lengths, areas, and volumes in tissue.

Stereo Investigator is designed to help you obtain the most efficient, precise, and unbiased estimate of cell populations, as well as morphometric properties of biological structures.

MBF offers the only complete, scalable solution from brightfield to confocal stereology. You can add multi-channel fluorescence and confocal capability to a brightfield system as your needs evolve.

Stereo Investigator gives you image analysis, mapping, and measurement tools all in one software package, with more than 20 stereological probes, including the Optical Fractionator, Cavalieri, and Nucleator.

You also benefit from our extensive cooperation with the global microscope leaders, including Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, and Leica. All of our software is custom-tailored to integrate seamlessly with the hardware we support.

Stereo Investigator has been cited in over one thousand peer-reviewed journal articles-more than any other stereology system. It is an integral component of ongoing work in numerous fields, and it has contributed to recent advances in disease research, including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Huntington's.

Stereo Investigator is now compatible with 64-bit Microsoft Windows Vista ® and is available in two separate configurations: Standard, which controls full research microscope hardware, and Workstation, for offline analysis away from the microscope. A Pulmonary Edition of Stereo Investigator is also available, featuring the Connectivity Assay probe for counting alveoli. Increase your accuracy, scalability, and efficiency with Stereo Investigator.

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