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Andor Technology

iStar ICCD Camera - Leading intensified CCD camera

Fast gated ICCDs

Building on more than 16 years of Excellence in the development of World-class, fast-gated Intensified CCD (ICCD) cameras, Andor redefines the standard of rapid, ns time-resolved Imaging and Spectroscopy with the introduction of the New iStar ICCD camera family.

Andor's iStar ICCD camera series extract the very best from CCD sensor and gated image intensifier technologies, achieving a superior combination of rapid acquisitions rates and ultra-high Sensitivity down to single photon. Exceptional detection performances are accessed through high Quantum-Efficiency Image intensifiers, Thermo-Electric cooling to -40°C, 500 kHz photocathode gating rates and enhanced intensifier EBI noise reduction.

Low jitter, low insertion delay gating Electronics and nanosecond-scale optical gating provide excellent timing accuracy down to few 10's of picoseconds, allowing ultra-precise synchronisation of complex experiments through iStar ICCD camera series comprehensive range of triggering options and input/outputs interface.

USB 2.0 connectivity Industry-standard plug-and-play, lockable and rugged interface Seamless multi-camera control from single PC or laptop.
Multi-MHz Readout speeds Rapid image capture for fast transition phenomena analysis
Integrated Digital Delay Generator With comprehensive software controls.
Close-Coupled Gating < 2 ns true optical gating speeds - ultimate temporal resolution
Lowest insertion delay As low as 19 ns
Fibre-optic coupling High optical throughput without vignetting
IntelliGate™ MCP gating for On/Off ratios >108 in the UV
Photocathode gating rate up to 500 kHz Increased Signal to Noise ratio for high speed laser-based experiments
Cropped sensor mode Specialised acquisition mode to achieve fastest image acquisition rate
High resolution Gen 2 and 3 intensifiers Highest available intensifier resolution with QE > 50% and sensitivity options from 120 nm to 1,100 nm
Thermo-Electric cooling down to -40°C Ideal for low-light applications
Real-time control Intuitive Windows user interface for real-time acquisition optimization
Photocathode dry gas purge port Provides further EBI reduction for low-light applications

Active Pixels
Pixel Size
Frame Rate
Read Noise
Spectra per s
iStar 312T
512 x 512
24 x 24
iStar 320T
690 x 255
26 x 26
iStar 334T
1024 x 1024
13 x 13
iStar 340T
1330 x 512
13.5 x 13.5

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Intensified Cameras by PCO

PCO Imaging dicam pro

PCO Imaging

dicam pro

  • fast shutter down to 3 ns (optional 1.5 ns)
  • excellent sensitivity of the system allows single photon detection
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • high resolution MCP-image intensifier & CCD (1280x1024 pixel
  • exposure times from 3 ns - 1000 s
  • spectral sensitivity from UV to NIR
PCO Scientific Cameras Download Brochure

PCO Imaging hsfc pro

PCO Imaging

hsfc pro

  • four channel MCP-image intensifier camera
  • fast shutter down to 3 ns
  • excellent system sensitivity of the system allows single photon detection
  • 12 bit dynamic range
  • ultra fast recording of up to 4 full resolution images with 1 ns interframing time, in double mode 8 frames
PCO Scientific Cameras Download Brochure
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