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Image  processing  software for scientists and professionals in research, medicine, production and quality control.


Image Pro Software

Image-Pro Software

Image-Pro software includes the latest tools for scientific and industrial image analysis and image processing. Capture, process, measure, share, visualize and compare.

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Image-Pro Premier
Image-Pro Premier (32 and 64-bit) software offers analysis tools for image acquisition, automated counting & sorting, automated measurements, object tracking, macro customization, filters and more.
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Image-Pro Premier 3D
Image-Pro Premier 3D offers robust 64-bit support, a user-friendly interface, multi-dimensional visualization, 3D volume measurements, object counting, 3D manual measurements, custom movie making, reporting, and many tools for customizing your workflow.
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Image-Pro Insight
Image-Pro Insight software offers a wide range of tools for basic image capture, Live Tiling and Live EDF, live measurements, manual  measurements, filters and enhancements, reporting and more.
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Image-Pro Plus
32-bit image analysis software for those who need support for Image-Pro Plus macros, microscope and stage control or 3D measurements.
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Autoquant deconvolution software

AutoQuant X3 Deconvolution

Advanced Image Deconvolution and 3D Visualization Software  for Life Science Researchers.

AutoQuant is the life science industry’s leading image deconvolution software. Retrieve better data from your images using the most complete suite of 2D and 3D restoration algorithms available, including the industry’s best blind deconvolution algorithm.

Microscopy experts worldwide trust AutoQuant for the accuracy and beauty of its stunning quantitative results, while newcomers to the product love the user-friendly workflow and intuitive interface that helps make learning a breeze.

Before & After AutoQuant

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Image Deconvolution with AutoQuant Software

GelPro Software

Gel-Pro Analyzer

Gel-Pro Analyzer software  increases laboratory productivity and efficiency by eliminating the time consuming steps involved in manually analyzing Southern, Northern, and Western blots, dot and slot blots, and quantitative PCR. Gel-Pro was jointly designed by Media Cybernetics and molecular biologists for intuitive, easy-to-use analysis without compromising the features necessary to achieve meaningful results.

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Dot Blot Analysis with Gel-Pro

PIV camera systems

Array-Pro Analyzer

Array-Pro Analyzer is an indispensable tool for the nascent microarray and high-throughput screening research efforts fueling the genomics, proteomics, drug discovery and bioinformatics revolution.

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