Jenoptik ProgRes Microscope Cameras

Jenoptik ProgRes Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOS Jenoptik
JENOPTIK has a long and successful tradition of developing and manufacturing professional digital cameras.

Since being established from the Carl ZEISS Jena nationally owned collective after German reunification, Jenoptik has manufactured various imaging systems for space missions and industrial/microscopy applications.


Jenoptik ProgRes Camera

Jenoptik ProgRes Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOS
Jenoptik ProgRes Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOS

Jenoptik - ProgRes Microscopy Cameras

The digital microscope cameras of the ProgRes ® family are based on more than two decades experience in development and production of high-end solutions for digital imaging. ProgRes ® cameras are suitable for all contrast methods in light microscopy and can be easily integrated into each laboratory via C-Mount and USB 2.0/ FireWire interfaces.

ProgRes ® cameras are aimed to provide rapid frame rates while keeping the power consumption at low levels – all this in the sense of a Green Microscopy Approach and for the sake of our environment.

The exact reproduction of colors and display of finest details due to high resolutions of the ProgRes ® cameras grant their outstanding applicability for demanding analysis and reliable documentation. High frame rates provide fast live images, thus offering easy workflow and convenient use.
Especially the high sensitive ProgRes ® research grade cameras meet the high requirements of low-light applications.

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