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JPK Instruments - Nanotechnology JPK Instruments - Nanotechnology
JPK Instruments AG is a world-leading manufacturer of nanoanalytic instruments - particularly atomic force microscope (AFM) systems and optical tweezers - for a broad range of applications reaching from soft matter physics to nano-optics, from surface chemistry to cell and molecular biology. From its earliest days applying atomic force microscope (AFM) technology, JPK has recognized the opportunities provided by nanotechnology for transforming life sciences and soft matter research. This focus has driven JPK’s success in uniting the worlds of nanotechnology tools and life science applications by offering cutting-edge technology and unique applications expertise.


JPK Instruments - Nanotechnology
Atomic Force Microscope AFM

Atomic Force Microscope

Developed on the basis of unique applications expertise , the JPK NanoWizard ® AFM family addresses researchers in both classical materials science as well as in soft matter and life sciences.

Specialized solutions like stand alone tip scanning design, stability and flexibility, best AFM performance, even in liquids, innovations like HyperDrive™ or the patented DirectOverlay™ allow researchers in almost every field precise and easy work.

NanoWizard® 4 BioScience AFM

The NanoWizard® 4 BioScience AFM is the only AFM system on the market which is designed for optimal use in liquid and comes with a vapor barrier, encapsulated piezos and a variety of dedicated liquid cells for applications ranging from single molecules to living cells. Of course, one can use the system in air or controlled environment too.

NanoWizard AFM NanoWizard®4 Bioscience AFM - for applications in Soft Matter and Life Science research reaching from biophysics and cell biology to surface science and biomedicine

NanoWizard® 4 ULTRA Speed AFM

Fast-Scanning and Super-Resolution AFM on inverted microscope enabling tracking of changes in samples in real time

NanoWizard Ultra Speed AFM NanoWizard® Ultra Speed AFM

NanoWizard® 3 NanoScience AFM

The new NanoWizard® 3 NanoScience AFM is perfect for applications ranging from imaging single molecules, polymers, nanoparticles, and materials to electrical, optical, electrochemical and mechanical measurements in controlled environments.

NanoWizard AFM NanoWizard®3 Nanoscience AFM

NanoWizard® 3 NanoOptics AFM

The new NanoWizard® 3 NanoOptics AFM is optimized for a broad range of applications ranging from nanoscale optical imaging by aperture and scattering-type SNOM to experiments involving interactions of light with the sample such as absorption, excitation, nonlinear effects and quenching.

  • Comprehensive solutions for AFM and Raman spectroscopy, Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (TERS), Aperture SNOM and Scattering-typeSNOM (sSNOM), Confocal microscopy, NanoManipulation in optical fields
  • Compatible with most commercially available inverted research microscopes (Zeiss Axiovert and Axio Observer lines, Nikon TE and Ti lines, Olympus IX line and Leica DMI line)
  • Unique integration with optical microscopy by tip and sample scanning design, DirectOverlay™ mode and smart engineering
  • Seamless integration with inverted microscopes, Raman spectrometers, photon counting systems

NanoWizard AFM NanoWizard®3 NanoOptics AFM


JPK NanoWizard® AFM - tip scanner vs. sample scanner

JPK BioMAT™ workstation design animation

TAO BIO AFM TAO™ - Tip Assisted Optics module for combined AFM and optical spectroscopy studies for applications in Raman/TERS or nanooptics
BioMat BIO AFM BioMAT™ Workstation - for opaque samples combining upright optical microscopy with AFM for surface science and life science
Accessories JPK Accessories - 16 pages full of ideas for a wider range of SPM-related applications.

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JPK Instruments - Nanotechnology
AFM Optical Tweezers

NanoTracker™ & NanoWizard® - The powerful Optical Tweezers & AFM Combination

Extending the force range from nanoNewtons to femtoNewtons

The OT-AFM Combi-System pairs the exceptional surface force measurement and imaging capabilities of AFM with the ability of optical tweezers to apply and measure smallest forces in 3D.

The unique combination of 3D positioning, detection, and manipulation provided by OT and the high-resolution imaging and surface property characterization of AFM opens up a whole new spectrum of applications.

NanoWizard® and NanoTracker™ team up – the perfect toolbox for imaging and force applications

The combined setup fulfills the highest demands on mechanical stability, flexibility, and modularity. A specially designed OT-AFM ConnectorStage™ is the key to combining any AFM of the NanoWizard® or CellHesion® family with the NanoTracker™ optical tweezers on a research-grade inverted optical microscope.

Key Features:
  • Imaging, positioning, and manipulation experiments from single molecules to living cells
  • Measure forces in 2D and 3D, from 500fN to 10nN, on the same sample
  • Fully flexible and modular design, with the widest range of modes & accessories
  • Comprehensive integration with optical microscopy techniques such as TIRF or confocal
  • All NanoTracker™, NanoWizard® /CellHesion® 200 systems can be combined to become a complete OT-AFM-platform
  • The ConnectorStage™ combines the AFM with the tweezers hardware on all major inverted optical microscopes from Zeiss, Nikon, Olympus, and Leica

AFM Optical Tweezers Download Brochure

JPK Instruments - Nanotechnology

Automated Atomic Force Spectroscopy

Force spectroscopy is a single molecule technique that allows the real-time study of molecular interactions on the nanoscale. Originating from the broad field of Atomic Force Microscopy, force spectroscopy provides the necessary sensitivity to characterize biomolecular interactions such as the unfolding forces of single proteins or forces of a single chemical bond.

For the very first time, the automation of force spectroscopy makes it fast enough to deliver high quality data in short time-frames.

JPK provides the following solution:

TAO BIO AFM ForceRobot® 300 - with optional temperature control and fluidics system

JPK Instruments - Nanotechnology
Nanotracker - optical tweezers

Optical Tweezers / 3D Particle tracking and trapping

Optical tweezers enable trapping and manipulation of nanoparticles, microparticles, and biological species in fluid media. Now, JPK's unique Nanotracker™ system extends this technology to enable measurement of interaction forces with sub picoNewton sensitivity. In addition, particles are simultaneously tracked in 3-D to quantify dynamics, viscosity, diffusion and host of other processes.

For the first time, dual beam force-sensing optical tweezers seamlessly integrate on inverted optical microscopes combining advanced optical and confocal techniques including single molecule fluorescence in a small footprint, easy to use system.

Our unique tweezers technology (also known as a Photonic Force Microscope) enables quantification of molecular, cellular and micro-rheological processes. Applications include molecular motor mechanics, binding/elasticity of DNA and proteins, cell membrane dynamics and particle uptake. JPK's Nanotracker™ is set to revolutionize research in biophysics, biochemistry, drug discovery, toxicology and many other fields.

NanoTracker JPK Multiplexing

NanoTracker fluorescent DNA Manipulation

Nanotracker - optical tweezers NanoTracker™ - unique force-sensing optical tweezers and particle tracking system

JPK Instruments - Nanotechnology
Cellular Adhesion and Cytomechanics

Cellular Adhesion & Cytomechanics

Our CellHesion ® products quantify single cell-cell and cell-surface interactions under physiological conditions. This ground-breaking technique, known as single cell force spectroscopy (SCFS), measures the interaction forces between a living cell bound to a cantilever and a target cell, functionalised substrate or biomaterial. In parallel, cytomechanical characteristics including stiffness and elasticity can be determined.

Uniquely, specific and non-specific adhesion events are differentiated. The roles of cell adhesion molecules, extracellular matrix proteins, antibodies and drugs can be quantified to characterize processes from single integrin binding through to membrane tether extraction. Our instruments deliver new insights in developmental biology, cancer biology, immunology and biocompatibility.

We provide both a stand-alone platform to add to your inverted optical or confocal microscope and an accessory module for our powerful NanoWizard ® Atomic Force Microscope (AFM). Easy to use acquisition software combined with automated batch analysis of results accelerates research and reduces your time to publication.

Cellular Adhesion and Cytomechanics CellHesion® 200 - a dedicated platform for cell adhesion and cytomechanics studies
Cellular Adhesion and Cytomechanics CellHesion® Module - accessory for the NanoWizard® AFM combines cell adhesion and mechanics with AFM imaging techniques

The result of a single measurement cycle is a force vs. distance curve, which allows to determine single molecule events, the "work of removal" W, tether formation, the maximum adhesion force and viscoelastic parameters.

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