Laser Based Confocal Spinning Disk Systems

The Revolution WD and XD are Andor’s portfolio of flexible system solutions focused on live cell imaging. At the heart of our systems is the CSU spinning disk technology from Yokogawa®, the industry leader in this technology, broadly considered the best choice for sensitive live-cell confocal imaging.

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Spinning Disk Confocal

Revolution WD

Andor Technology is proud to introduce the Revolution WD. This exciting new member of the successful Revolution series has at its heart the latest spinning disk solution from Yokogawa, the CSU-W1. It delivers unrivalled high speed and high versatility, offering stunning image quality at all magnifications. The large field of view is extremely well suited to the new fast and ultra sensitive iXon Ultra 888 back-illuminated megapixel EMCCD, as well as the high resolution 4.2 and 5.5 megapixel sCMOS cameras.

Andor Revolution WD

  • 4x Field of View
  • Low and high magnification
  • Deeper imaging
  • Improved contrast
  • Greater versatility

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Spinning Disk Confocal

Andor Revolution XD

The Revolution XD is the ultimate solution for high speed, high sensitivity live cell confocal imaging at high magnifications. Perfect for applications such as ion imaging, vesicle tracking and other detailed fast cellular dynamics. In offering the iXon Ultra EMCCD and sCMOS cameras, Andor can offer the highest speeds and largest fields of view according to your application needs. Manufacturing many of the core components, Andor can ensure optimum performance and reliability.

The Andor Revolution XD can be configured a number of ways:

Revolution XDh

Combine full system choice with an upright microscope.

XDh has been designed to allow those who work on an upright microscope benefit from the capabilities available from our full component range. The XDh is suitable for applications such as plant biology research, and in developmental biology models such as c.elegans.

Revolution XDi

The classic configuration on an inverted microscope.

The Revolution XDi is based around an inverted microscope, the most common choice for live cell imaging, ideal for samples such as cultured cells that grow in media and require careful environmental control. Samples can range from something as small as yeast through to a large specimen such as drosophila embryo.

Revolution XDv

A focused upright solution when lab space is at a premium.

The Revolution XDv offers you a compact solution on an upright microscope. In keeping this system footprint small, it is well suited to labs with limited space. In securing the CSU-X, filter wheel and camera to our vertical mount, you are guaranteed complete stability.


At the heart of Borealis is the realization that standard CSU illumination with a single mode fibre does not fill the microlens-pinhole etendue. This means that more light can be squeezed through the device with the right optical design. Exploiting this fact and utilizing multi-mode fibres with high performance beam conditioning, it is possible to deliver, simultaneously, more light, with greater uniformity.

  • Uniformity improvements of up to 10x
  • Throughput improvements up to 3x
  • Improved optical sectioning
  • Extended wavelength range into the NIR
  • Enhanced laser coupling stability


Download Brochure on Revolution WD & XD systems

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