B&W Tek, Inc. offers a complete line of high performance diode, DPSS and fiber laser modules and systems. Their product lines cover a range of wavelengths from 224nm to 1850nm with power outputs up to 150W. B&W Tek, Inc. offers a wide variety of high performance class IIIb & IV laser products in both end-user and OEM configurations, as well as high power medical grade lasers.

B&W Tek, Inc. laser products are used in applications such as: fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy/ microscopy, precision alignment, metrology, particle counting, laser printing, plastic welding, laser biomodulation, photodynamic therapy, and laser surgery such as soft-tissue ablation, dissection, & photocoagulation.

Bench-top Laser Systems

B&W Tek offers you a complete line of high performance (class IIIb & IV) diode, DPSS and fiber laser systems for your laboratory. We are the leading provider of turnkey, multi-mode fiber coupled laser diodes, empowering you to conduct your cutting edge research without the need for laser expertise. We also provide you with a full spectrum of high performance free-space and fiber coupled laser systems with unique properties such as spectrum stabilization, low noise, and single mode (TEM00) beam profile. These laser systems are the ideal source for your application, including but not limited to: fluorescence and Raman spectroscopy/ microscopy, precision alignment, metrology, particle counting, laser printing, plastic welding, laser biomodulation, and photodynamic therapy.

CleanLaze- Spectrum Stabilized Lasers

The CleanLaze® spectrum stabilized laser system is a narrow, spectral linewidth laser available in both OEM and end-user configurations. Specifically suited for Raman spectroscopy, it offers a hermetically sealed laser component integrated with a laser and a driver. The compact, rugged package makes it suitable for various industrial applications.

This laser combines a high brightness fiber coupling with a thermoelectric cooler and TEC controller. Expected lifetime is > 10,000 hours. The CleanLaze laser series is capable of maintaining a linewidth of less than 0.03nm (15GHz) in single transverse mode operation at 785nm. The CleanLaze novel cavity design is capable of maintaining a stable, clean, narrow linewidth source over a wide range of temperatures and drive currents. The temperature sensitivity of the central wavelength is as low as 0.01nm/°C with a -35°C to 50°C operating temperature range.


BWF1 -High Brightness Fiber Coupled Laser System

BWF1 systems provide up to 450mW of continuous power, combining a high brightness, fiber coupled to a laser diode with a thermoelectric cooler, heatsink, fan, power supply, and component electronics all in one package. Their unique design includes an external TTL modulation port (BNC connector) and an LCD that displays output as current values (mA). The fiber uses a non-epoxy high power connector with an industry standard termination for high power lasers. An optional collimating lens can be threaded directly onto the SMA connector of the emitting fiber.


BWF2 - High Power Fiber Coupled Laser System

The BWF2 series is a compact turnkey fiber-coupled laser system providing up to 30 Watts of continuous power. Combined with a high brightness fiber-coupled laser diode, thermoelectric cooler, power supply and control electronics, the BWF2 comes in one complete package. The system operates from standard wall plug line power. The unique design of BWF2 includes features such as a red aiming beam, multifunctional relay controller for versatile laser operations, and a remote port for external modulation and control purposes. Optional features include lens assemblies that can be attached to the end of a fiber with an SMA 905 connector. By using a lens projection assembly, spots as small as 0.3mm in diameter can be achieved, providing the user with an intense, non-contact heat source. In addition, optional control interfaces via TTL or analog ports are available for laser and aiming power.