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Microscope Accessories


Programmable Filter Wheels


The LEP filter wheel provides fast, automated and efficient optical filter changing for microscopes. The filter wheel position is digitally encoded which makes it immune to slippage and skipping errors. Accurate filter positioning is essential to eliminate imaging errors that can affect the optical performance of the micrsocope and add uneccessary variations to measurement results. The LEP filter wheel is driven by a DC servo motor specifically selected for smooth, quiet, damped wheel motion. Flexibility and expandability is assures with the MAC 5000/6000 controller system. The modular controller provides high performance and flexibility. Furthermore it is widely supported by almost any available imaging software application.

Programmable Filter Wheel Programmable Filter Wheel Brochure

Focus Control

Focus control is a key component for microscope automation. Almost any microscope automation application can benefit from control of the focus. Of course not all requirements for motorized focus are the same. LEP offers different options and technologies to suit the application: a simple motor for basic automated or remote focusing, add-on encoder systems for more precision and stability, and piezo driven nano-precision focusing for the highest performance.



Standard Motor Drive

The standard automated focus is a motor coupled to the fine focus of the microscope. The LEP precision stepper motor drive can provide very high resolution: up to 2.5 nanometers. An optional linear encoder can be integrated with the focus motor. The encoder is fixtured to the microscope body so that it provides real-time measurement of the stage height in relation to the optics. The result is a stable, highly accurate performance that can dynamically compensate for focus drift and drive errors.
Manual control of the motorized focus is also very important. The 73000365 digipot control provides positive feedback similar to a conventional microscope but with higher accuracy and less uncertainty.

Nano Positioning - Piezo Focus

Nano positioning focus controls provide very high resolutions with high throughput and speed. High resolution and speed are needed for acquiring stacks of images for processing and deconvolution.

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Input Control

Coaxial Digipot for XY Stage Control


The ability to interact with automation systems is often the most overlooked aspect of system design and can make the difference between a truly useful, productive system and a source of frustration and inefficiency. Ludl Electronic Products systems have always included features to provide operator interaction with the system. In fact every controller module features a means for stand-alone operation: joystick/digipot for motors, toggle switches for fitler wheels and shutters.

About Position Control Devices

Positioning input devices fall into two categories: velocity and displacement devices. A velocity input device controls velocity based on a variable input. is analogous to an automobile gas pedal; the more you press, the faster you go. Displacement devices move a discrete distance based on a measured input. In the LEP world the displacement device is known as a digipot. As the digipot knob is turned, digital pulses are read by the controller. For a given pulse sequence the motor is turned a corresponding number of steps.
The LEP XY joystick support provides very fine short distance control with the ability to traverse long distances at high speeds. The exponential velocity/deflection curve is programmable.
LEP offers several digipot types. Typically for focus control applications, the single digipot functions similar to a focus knob on a microscope. The XY digipot control is arranged such that it emulates the coaxial control of a standard mechanical microscope stage.

Microscope Focus Control Download brochure for Input Controls


XY Joysticks

Slide Handler System

  • Universal compatibility
  • Compact footprint
  • 50 slide capacity
  • Patented design
  • High reliability
  • Table-top design
  • Expandable
  • CE/UL Compliant

The LEP Slide Handler System is designed to be simple, flexible, affordable and reliable. The complete system is tightly integrated achieving a complete slide handling solution with full features without complexity.

The simplicity of the slide transfer mechanism provides efficient, reliable slide loading. A single arm functions to pull the slide from the cassette to the stage and then return it with an opposite pushing motion. Once the slide is transferred to the stage it is located with a unique fixturing device for repeatable positioning and slide reloading in all axes. As the precision XY stage scans the slide, the transfer mechanism is completely clear of any interference with normal microscope function.

BioPrecision2 Technology
The Slide Loader system is built upon LEP MAC 6000 and BioPrecision2 technology, The MAC 6000 automation controller system supplies reliable performance that is expandable and configurable. The XY stage used in the Slide Handling System is based on BioPrecision2 technology to provide the highest performance. Together the system is designed for broad platform microscope compatibility and ease of use.

Encoder Options
For applications where high precision is required all encoder options are available. Linear encoders provide the most accuracy and resolution with precision performance. Standard rotary encoders ensure reliability for unattended operation.

Powerful Integration
Powerful software commands ensure flexibility. Cassettes are configurable as input only, output only or input/output depending upon your specific requirements. Slides have random access selection. Peripherals such as barcode scanners and other sensors are easily interfaced with the MAC 6000 controller. With this flexibility the system is ideally suited for high volume screening, analysis, classification and review applications.

Many Options
Of course, simply loading a slide to the microscope stage solves only part of the automation equation. Depending upon the specific application, other aspects of microscope control may need to be automated as well. The LEP system can accommodate many microscope automation requirements for almost any microscope including programmable focus drives, filter changers and objective turret changers.


Specimen Holders for Motorized Stages


LEP manufactures a broad array of specimen holders for stages. The specimen holder is essential in realizing the best stage performance. The challenge of the specimen is to hold the microscope specimen securely, flat and with repeatability. LEP offers a wide range of standard to holders to fit the BioPoint2 and BioPrecision2 stages to address most requirements. For those requirements that are unique and non-standard LEP can create a custom solution.