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Andor iXon EMCCD

Andor Technology Microscopy Imaging Accessories peripherals


Platforms & Auto-focus

Revolution products are compatible with modern infinity corrected microscopes from Leica, Nikon, Olympus or Zeiss to meet your preferred configuration. Note: For laser safety a 100% side port switch is required. Microscopes need environmental control to maintain living conditions for mammalian cell

preparations. We recommend temperature and CO2 control incubators from LIS (Switzerland). Thermal and mechanical factors can impact the observation of living specimens when image focus is affected by drift or vibration. Therefore we recommend that systems are configured on vibration isolation tables. An important recent innovation in microscope design is focus drift correction (FDC). FDC corrects focus drift, which can severely affect time-lapse movies and is especially important in confocal and TIRF imaging, where focus and illumination are tightly constrained. Nikon and Olympus have introduced FDC solutions, which Andor iQ supports to provide long-term drift free imaging from Revolution live cell imaging solutions. The image shows the new Nikon Eclipse Ti-E motorized inverted microscope.

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