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For your test and measurement and control applications, use Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) board systems. Onboard intelligence makes them unique.

Learn more about DAP Technology. Then put together the best data acquisition system for your project.


data acquisition processor board 1. Select a Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) board.

Browse the DAP models.
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Or go straight to one of the popular models with the features you need.

Sample screen shot 2. Add software that makes configuring your system easier.

Each board comes with its own onboard operating system and works with Windows or Linux systems.

Take a look at the configuration, testing, and display software. Or use your third-party software.
LabVIEW | MATLAB | Other

Eurocard: foundation for channel architecture 3. Then each system easily expands - add signal interface boards.

  • connect to your signals
  • add extra inputs and outputs - instead of buying many DAP boards, keep your costs low with multichannel expansion
  • customize with additional features

Take a look at the options.
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Or go straight to popular features you need.
Signal Conditioning | Quadrature Decoder | Counter-Timer | Sample-and-Hold | Isolation

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