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Motorized XY and Z Control

Andor Motorized Stage XYZ

Andor Technology Microscopy Imaging Accessories peripherals

Piezo Z / Motorized XY

Piezo Z / Motorized XY

XY StageZ StageZ Objective
Open and closed loop stages for your preferred microscope Piezo Z stage with 100, 200 and 400ìm ranges PI PIFOC P721-100ìm or P725-400ìm travel
Typical travel >100x75mm, with 0.02μm resolution 1nm repeatability Up to 20 Z sections per second
30mm/sec travel speed 2-8 nm resolution (depends on range) 1.25nm resolution
Perform multi-field scans for 6D imaging Up to 100 Z sections per second Analogue or digital control
Create 4D mosaics using iQ software Adjustable holder for 3x1 slide and 35mm petri dish Oil and water objectives
  Optional Tokai Hit stage top incubator  

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