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Nanosurf - Nanotechnology AFM

Nanosurf is a leading provider of easy-to-use atomic force microscopes (AFM) and scanning tunneling microscopes (STM). Their products and services are trusted by professionals worldwide to help them measure, analyze, and present 3D surface information. Nanosurfs’s scanning probe microscopes excel through their compact and elegant design, their easy handling, and their absolute reliability.


Naio AFM

NaioAFM — Nanosurf's latest atomic force microscope. The NaioAFM integrates AFM scan head, Controller, Vibration isolation table and Sample positioning stage all in a single, compact, affordable and easy-to-use device.

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Naio STM

The NaioSTM is the successor to the well-known Easyscan 2 scanning tunneling microscope and brings together scan head and controller in a single instrument for even greater ease of installation, use, and transportability. The whole setup is very robust against vibrations and can be used in standard classroom situations. With its integrated controller, this compact, user-friendly, and affordable scanning tunneling microscope hardly takes up any workbench space.

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Easyscan 2

Modular SPM System for Education and Science

  • STM for an easy entry into the world of atoms
  • AFM for surface analysis, from teaching to research


A Unique New Tool for Single Cell and Small Object Micro-Manipulation, Imaging and Beyond

  • Nanofluidics combined with the positional accuracy and measurement capabilities of the FlexAFM
  • Specialized hollow cantilevers for a multitude of new experimental possibilities
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Nanomechanical Tissue Diagnostics and Soft Material Analysis
  • Quantitative analysis of tissues and soft materials
  • Fully automated measurement of non-even surfaces
  • Fast, objective, and routine tissue diagnostics
  • ouchscreen interface for easy operation
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Flexible Research Atomic Force Microscope for Materials and Life Science

  • Speed, Linearity, Flatness
  • Measurements in air and in liquid
  • Highest versatility, advanced measurement modes, and user-friendliness
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Enhance Your Optical Microscope or Profilometer

  • Use the LensAFM instead of a regular lens objective to add the power of atomic force microscopy to your optical microscope or profilometer
  • Easy fitting and positioning, automated AFM approach, and quality images — intuitive handling all the way!
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