Nanovea providing professional solutions throughout the fields of nano/micro/macro profilometry, mechanical, tribology, imaging and other related fields of materials research & development industries.


Nanovea 3D Non-Contact Profilometers are designed with leading edge optical pens using superior white light axial chromatism. Nano through macro range is obtained during ISO and ASTM compliant measurement (Profile Dimension, Roughness Finish Texture, Shape Form Topography, Flatness Warpage Planarity, Volume Area, Step-Height Depth Thickness and others) on a wider range of geometries and materials than any other Profilometer.

With the use of a large range of optical pens the Profilometer precisely measures an endless range of applications. Nanovea optical pens have zero influence from sample reflectivity, variations require no sample preparation and have advanced ability to measure high surface angles. Easily measure any material: transparent, opaque, specular, diffusive, polished, rough etc. Unlike other optical measurement techniques, large surface areas can be precisely measured without any imaging stitching.

For applications exceeding Profilometer capability AFM integration is available to maximize measurement range.

All Profilometers use the same Software and Nanovea PRVision is optional on most Profilometers for auto pattern recognition. Profilometer speeds range from 7mm/s to 1m/s for laboratory or research to the needs of hi-speed inspection on large surface areas. Nanovea Profilometers can be built with custom size, speeds, scanning capabilities, Class 1 Clean Room compliance, with Indexing Conveyor and for Inline or online Integration and now with true portability capability.

For Profilometer technical testing data see application notes. For Profilometer video.

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Mechanical Testers

Nanovea Mechanical Testers provide unmatched multi-function Nano, Micro or Macro modules on a single platform. Both the Nano, Micro or Macro modules include ISO and ASTM compliant indentation, scratch and wear tester modes providing the widest and most user friendly range of testing available on a single module. Nanovea's unmatched range is an ideal solution for determining the full range of mechanical properties of thin or thick, soft or hard coatings, films and substrates.

Applications range from low loads to measure hardness and elastic modulus of biomaterials to high loads required to test the fracture toughness of hard coatings in the tooling industry. Nanovea indentation, scratch and wear tester modes use independent force & depth sensors to obtain depth versus load curves during indentation, plastic and elastic deformation during scratch testing and friction coefficient and wear rate during pin-on-disk or linear wear testing. Additionally, force feedback controlled loops insure high precision load control during indentation, scratch and wear tester modes. Both the Nanovea Platform and Compact Bases have been designed with versatility in mind to allow either the Nano Module up to 400mN or Micro or Macro Module from 40N-200N.

Several optical imaging options including 3D non-contact profiler and AFM Module are available for high resolution 3D imaging of indentation, scratch and wear track in addition to other surface measurements such as roughness. Image pattern recognition is now a breakthrough Software option on both the Nano and Micro Module to allow automated indentation testing for quality control use (Nanovea PRVision). Additional options include rotational table and heating module.

 For technical testing data see application notes. For video.

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The Nanovea Tribometer offers precise and repeatable wear and friction testing using ISO and ASTM compliant rotative and linear modes. Designed, at the core, with a high quality motor and a 20bit position encoder, the Tribometer provides access to an unmatched range of rotational speeds from 0.01 to 2000rpm. High resolution means that data can be accurately recorded at specified interval of time or position (>0.006°).

The motor has an integrated self-tuning system which ensures speed remains calibrated through time. Full and precise control of the motor ensures that a series of step speeds can be run continuously during the tests. Several testing options are available to closely match real environment conditions. The Tribometer comes standard with an acrylic enclosure and attached valves which brings inert and other gases to achieve a controlled environment. An optional humidifier and dehumidifier module allows precise control of the humidity levels. For high temperature pin on disk, up to 900°C, an oven allows control to better than 1°C. A linear heating plate is used for reciprocating test up to 300°C. Various cups are available for controlled liquid testing. Tests can either be done under full immersion or using the Lubrication system with drop by drop or control spray.

A liquid heating module is also available to provide controlled liquid heating up to 150°C. To precisely measure wear track volume, a full 3D non-contact Optical profiler, integrated on Tribometer platform, is available to quantify wear loss in a fast and convenient method without sample removal. The Tribometer Software uses this information and the test parameters to calculate a precise wear rate for the specific test. The profiler, which has extended capability, can also be used for surface topography measurement including roughness. A Flexible mobile imaging option allows zoom-in ability to record the sample surface for playback review.

For Tribometer technical testing data see application notes. For Tribometer video.

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