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PixeLINK® is a global provider of industrial cameras for the machine vision and life sciences markets. Since 1992, PixeLINK® has designed, manufactured and supported the hardware and software requirements of machine vision, OEM and microscopy customers around the world. Offering unmatched customer support and service, PixeLINK® designs and manufactures reliable industrial cameras and microscope cameras for any machine vision project or microscopy application.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, PixeLINK® combines reliable industrial camera hardware with industry-leading software to offer unmatched off-the-shelf, OEM and custom industrial imaging solutions to customers.

Website: http://www.pixelink.com

Pixelink Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOS

Pixelink Microscopy Cameras CCD CMOS

Pixelink Microscopy Cameras

Pixelink offers a range of CCD and CMOS camera for microscopy.

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More details can be found at Pixelink's web site:

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