i-Spec™ Series


Broadband Transmission / Reflection / Absorption Spectrophotometers

i-Spec™ series products are broadband transmission / reflection / absorption spectrophotometers with various accessory options for bench-top, as well as portable uses. Systems can employ a TE Cooled CCD array, Photodiode Array, TE Cooled InGaAs array, and/or TE Cooled Extended InGaAs array detection systems, for optimal sensitivity and dynamic range in the UV, Vis, and NIR. The i-Spec™ products feature a standard External Triggering port with flexible fiber optic coupling of sampling accessories. i-Spec™ series products use high intensity and long lifetime Tungsten Halogen 5 Watt or 20 Watt sources and high speed detection systems, enabling fast spectral capturing of 20 to >100 spectra per second making them ideal for spectrophotometric studies where a high-speed spectrum capture rates are essential.

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