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EDT Engineering Design Team
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Telecommunications, Telemetry

EDT's ( Engineering Design Team's) telemetry, satellite, telecom and broadcast video products are designed around a main-board/mezzanine board architecture that gives you the speed and flexibility you need. Choose the mezzanine board with the desired functionality, and a main board that fits your bus architecture, FPGA and memory requirements for the ideal solution for your complex signalling requirements.

satellite interface board Satellite interfaces
Satellite telemetry receivers and broadcast video, providing software-defined radio functionality, with IF and L-Band signalling, down-conversion to baseband of I and Q data, A-D conversion, and DVB-ASI/SMPTE.
optical/electrical interface board Optical and electrical telecommunications
Telemetry, telecom and monitoring boards for all telecom standards, from multiple E1/T1 and E4/T4, SONET, and SDH, to gigabit ethernet and Rocket I/O.
data interface board Data interfaces with ECL, RS422 and LVDS
Differential parallel and synchronous serial interfaces for use in testing, monitoring and general purpose I/O.
combo board Combination boards
Providing E1/T1, E3/T3, ECL, LVDS, RS-422 & TTL in various combinations.
main board Main boards
Each of the above mezzanine boards must be paired with a PCI or PCI Express main board. Select a main board that best fits your needs for FPGA resources, DMA, memory and bus connectivity.
optical/auxiliary boards Auxiliary boards, GPS/IRIG Timing
Providing time distribution from GPS or IRIG, and connectivity between multiple main boards.


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